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PG2 License Course : 9+ Days $2690 (includes $140 towards SAFA compulsory Aviation Liability Insurance, plus on-site cabin accommodation and a $400 equipment credit*. Why pay more for less !!)

Based at internationally famous Mt Borah, Manilla Paragliding offers 9+ days live-in license course's which are acknowledged as being amongst the best offered anywhere in the world.

Legal Notice : Manilla Paragliding is a Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) Approved Flight Training Facility and the Facility is supervised and operated by Godfrey Wenness, a SAFA certified Chief Flight Instructor and a National Instructor Examiner.

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Mt Borah is Australia's only world class flying site, has vast astro-turfed launches for nearly all wind directions and offers the highest level of safety for learning to fly. The one site and one 9+ day course uniquely offers ground handling paddock, low slope training, high flights from 4 different launches and multiple landings on one mountain, ridge soaring, thermalling and potential XC flying.

The site offers all aspects of paragliding in one location including a dedicated school facility building. No need to waste precious training time driving long distances to other sites and waiting for conditions to change or come on. Unlike other schools which only 'teach' for 5-7hrs a day, our days range from 10-12hrs so you get much more value from your course. The 'live-in on site' course style and longer days we offer provide up to 50% more training for your time and money compared to every other course in Australia (and probably the world !). Thus our 9 day course is the equivalent of around 13-14 days of training.

The course is noted as 9+ days as it includes extra days as needed in case of bad weather or if skills are lacking and needing more training. We do not sell licenses, we teach you to fly, properly. We do not have time pressure which can result in being signed off for a license before you are assessed as ready. We also teach to a much higher level than the SAFA minimum required standard.

Godfrey's Manilla Paragliding School is the ONLY school in Australia (and probably the world) that owns its own multi-launch site mountain, air sports facility building, and serviced cabins and camping facility. The on-site facility also has a pool, bar and free WiFi throughout.

Manilla Paragliding School Headquarters 

Learn to fly at Manilla Paragliding  

 Learning to fly at Manilla Paragliding


Chief Flying Instructor Godfrey Wenness is Australia's most experienced paraglider pilot, has held the World Distance record of 335kms for 5 years (it was also the Australian Record 14 years from 1998 - 2012 !), held multiple National Records and is a SAFA Instructor Examiner - he also owns Mt Borah - see the CV at the bottom of this page ! 35 years of paragliding experience and 29 years of direct paragliding instructional experience counts when it comes to your enjoyment, learning progression and safety ! 

BEWARE : Before you book a course anywhere ask : "How long have you been teaching for ?", and that is not just flying, but more importantly teaching paragliding. The answer in some cases might surprise you - especially in light of the blatantly misleading information on some web sites ! In addition to that, some school operators and their sometimes quite inexperienced junior instructors have only been flying for a few short years as well - don't be afraid to ask how long - after all it's experience that counts. Others will also make claims of the being the best, having the best and most of something or other... all such claims should be compared to the reality. One school on the mid north coast of NSW advertises as "Australia's #1 Facility" when it clearly by any measure is no where near that in reality. Make your own mind up about an operators integrity if they are blatantly misleading you about simple things like that. The list of misleading advertising and claims, especially regarding instructor experience, could go on for the rest of this page ! Please do your own research.

When is a pilot referral not an honest referral ? One school operator on the coast goes as far as to pay "spotters" fee's for student referrals. These pilots know full well they are not giving an honest opinion. Sometime's the $$'s speak louder than a real opinion. 

Whether you intend to come to Manilla or not, you should read the Learn to Fly Facts section BEFORE booking any paragliding license course - click here ! Our scheduled group license courses vary in size and the instructor ratio is always around 3 or 4 :1. Having up to 4 and 5 instructors on hand allows us to run these group courses at varying skill pace so no one is forced to move ahead a stage or left behind. That also means if some students are progressing quickly they are not held back. The reality (despite some claims by certain schools) is that there will always be a small % of students even in a 1:1 situation with an instructor, with perfect weather for 9 days, that will not be skilled enough to attain a license in that period.

Interested in Paramotoring (also known as Powered Paragliding or PPG) ? Get some real independent advice first before you do anything - we don't sell the motor's, but have lots of good advice. We also offer PPG endorsements for pilots who are at the PG4 or above skill level. Contact Godfrey and save yourself some headaches and big $$'s !

Buying equipment ? Your certified CFI is the main person to consult for correct personal advice once you have completed your course. Do yourself a favour and read the Equipment Buying Advice section before you buy anything. NEVER buy equipment or enter into a course-equipment package "deal" before your course - they may look like good deals however the equipment prices are always inflated to make the deal seem "cheap", and most importantly, an instructor can never know what glider and harness suits you until you are actually almost completed your course !!! Also your course includes the use of all equipment so there is no need to own it prior and depreciate its value. As a guide a new high quality EN-A beginner glider from us costs $3950, harness $1250 and reserve $850 (less the student discount). We usually have 30+ gliders in stock new and used - a basic fully checked used beginner set can cost as little as $2000. For more information and a frank discussion on this topic contact Godfrey directly and also read the advice section  - click here !

We DON'T "sell" licenses - we "teach" you to fly properly and cover all skill area's (high flights, ridge soaring, thermalling). Our courses instil confidence born from competence, and not just a license at the end of 9 days no matter what.


2024 AUTUMN PG2 Novice Pilot License Courses $2690 (includes on site accomodation, $400 equipment credit, $140 SAFA compulsory Aviation Liability Insurance, why pay more for less !!)

  • March 2- 10 : Completed :-)
  • April 6 - 14 : HURRY : Limited Places Available
  • May 11 - 19 : Additional Autumn Course if required.

2024 SPRING PG2 Novice Pilot License Courses $2690 (inc on site accomodation and $400 equipment credit, $140 of SAFA compulsory Aviation Liability Insurance, why pay more for less !!)

  • Oct 12 - 20 : Places Available :-)   

2023/24 Summer Thermalling (and Basic XC inc PG3 license upgrade) 3 Day Clinics - $770

  • Mar 22 - 24 : Just prior to Easter State of Origin : FULL
  • Mar 25 - 27 : Just prior to Easter State of Origin : FULL - next Thermalling Clinics will be in Spring

We also offer Private 1:1 and small group License Courses, PG3/PG4/PG5 License upgrades, Thermalling, Cross Country/skill improvement days etc October-March - they can all be booked at other times outside the course/clinic dates

  • More dates for clubs, small groups and individuals are available over summer  please contact us.

9+ Day SAFA PG2 Live-in License Courses and other Clinics/Training

The 9+ day Live-In license courses cost $2690 and includes all equipment, on site transport, cabin accommodation, a $400 equipment set purchase credit, $140 towards the SAFA compulsory Aviation Liability Insurance, and special student discount prices on commonly needed new pilot equipment.  

Private 1:1 and small group License Courses/Thermalling/Cross Country/skill improvement days etc are available all year round and can be booked at other times outside the course/clinic dates. They cost $385/day, less if there are 2,3 or 4 joining in. 


We offer the highest standard in :

- Thermalling and Cross Country lessons -  1 on 1, and for small private and club groups.

- PG3 & PG4 Intermediate, PG5 Advanced and Tandem ratings plus skills days

- Refresher days for pilots who are not current or confident

- Paramotor (PPG) endorsements

- VHF Airband Radio Endorsements

To book a course or any additional training/lessons or for more info please contact Godfrey directly (a $550 deposit* is required to reserve a place in a 9 day License Course - see deposit conditions at the bottom of this page):

Email : Click Here !    Phone (in Australia) : 02 67 85 65 45  Phone (from Overseas) : +61 2 67 85 65 45

Paragliding with a Wedge Tailed Eagle at Mt Borah Manilla  Paragliding at Mt Borah Manilla Paragliding at Mt Borah Manilla

9+ Day Live in SAFA Novice (PG2) License Course : Overview and Progression

All aspects of our course are conducted on site !

  • Introduction to the Sport : The SAFA, license legals, course overview etc.
  • Equipment explained : all aspects and parts of the glider and harness are explained in a detailed session.
  • Ground Handling : Forward and Reverse Launch, learning to handle the glider in varying launch wind conditions.
  • Training Slope Flights : A shallow (low) slope is used to gain confidence at take-off and landings before moving on to the High Flights stage
  • Tandem High Flights : We are one of the few schools that includes instructional Tandem Flights prior to a students first solo High Flight. This improves confidence and introduces various types of landing approach and some aspects of ridge soaring and thermalling.
  • First Solo High Flights : From 1000ft high Mt Borah under full radio control with instructors at the top and bottom to safely guide you all the way. One of the most rewarding experiences you can have to fly solo for the first time from a high mountain.
  • Landing Approaches : Depending on conditions and situation 2 types of landing approaches are used - "aircraft circuit" and "figure 8" (base line).
  • Ridge Soaring : Using the upward wind flow over a hill, ridge or cliff to soar
  • Thermalling : We are one of the few schools that actively teaches you in theory and practise how to fly and use thermal lift in the novice license course (created by columns of hot air rising). A must for doing XC flights later on.
  • Big Ears : a height loss and stability manoeuvre. An important and required skill.
  • Rear Riser Steering :  A method used in case the brake lines are jammed or inoperable due to knots or broken lines.
  • Speed System : Understanding how to connect and use the speed system
  • Emergencies : A thorough progression of theoretical understanding and practical application of emergency situations, the gliders reaction, correct pilot input and safe exit.
  • Top Landing : when conditions allow, full radio control to demonstrate this Intermediate level skill where you land back on top near the launch area in the ridge soaring conditions.
  • Cross Country (XC) Theory : Learning how to use thermal lift allows you to eventually fly XC which is the aim of many that take to the skies in a paraglider. 
  • Theory Lessons : Approx 20hrs of real classroom theory covering all the minimum topics required and a whole lot more that no other schools teach. A 80 question theory exam needs to be passed at the end of the week.
  • Included Extras - additional important skills noted above (that most other schools don't do) include : top landings when conditions allow, detailed emergency situations theory, and basic thermalling and cross country (XC) theory tuition.
  • After passing the course you attain a SAFA Novice License (now termed the "PG2" Rating) which allows you to fly solo at any novice rated site anywhere in Australia and Internationally. Higher rated/more difficult sites need supervision for your own safety. This license level you attain in 9 days in our Manilla course is higher than the UK "Club Pilot", NZ and USA PG1 rating in terms of skills attained. It is superior to the second license stage in most countries (like NZ, USA, UK, Germany etc), and the course inclusions result in new pilots with a higher skill level in a more wide range of areas.

9+ Day License Course : Inclusions

Cost : A$2690 inc GST (we accept all credit cards, cash, cheque and EFT)... includes >>>

Equipment : all flying equipment (glider, harness, helmet) is included.

Extra Training Days : Most courses result in licenses for a large % of the group after 9 days, however weather and slow skills up take can result in the need for extra days. Additional days of group based instruction beyond the 9 days scheduled if needed due to bad weather are included until you attain your license. For those who are slow at picking up the skills due to various physical limitations and are not at a license level after a reasonable amount of extra days there is a charge of $330/day for additional instruction where it is not part of a group (ie 1:1 instruction).

Acommodation : twin, double and quad share cabins (all linen supplied). Facilities include self service kitchens, laundry, free wireless internet, swimming pool. You only need to bring food, drinks and clothing. You can arrive a few days before and leave a few days later at no extra charge.

Credit Voucher : a $400 credit voucher towards the purchase of a set (glider, harness, reserve) of equipment new or used. This is a discount that comes off the total invoice $'s amount whether new or used. There are also standard student prices discounted around 10% from RRP on main items as well :-)

SAFA Compulsary Aviation Liability Insurance : $140 contribution.

Transport : on site at Mt Borah. Airport pick ups from Tamworth ($90) or Manilla (free) by arrangement for those arriving by air, bus or train.

Free refresher day : if you haven't flown for a while and feel rusty, supervised refreshers are offered.

Free license upgrades : When the time comes and you have the flying skill and experience, Intermediate, Advanced & Paramotor (PPG) endorsements (check flight and exam) are included in your initial course cost. That is a value of over $1400 !

Plus a lifetime of advice from Godfrey :-)

SAFA Student M/ship is not included in your course cost. All students must have a valid SAFA membership before undertaking any flying training.The SAFA Student Training Membership of $44 (over a period of 12 months) and can only be done online via the SAFA's web site. Once you have passed the course and wish to be licensed, a SAFA Full must be applied for. The full annual 12 months m/ship is around $300 plus a state levy of $22 > $62 depending on the state you reside. For those attending from overseas or who just wish to obtain a license then the Short Term m/ship of $150 is available for 4 months and a better option if staying in Australia longer.

Not Included : Food, drinks, clothing, extra training days taken not as part of a group course (ie 1:1 training).

A full "What you need to bring and what to expect" email is sent to you 2wks prior to the course once you have reserved a place.

Course Deposit Conditions : The $550 deposit secures your place in the course. Cancellations more than 4 weeks (28 days from the course start date) prior are refunded in full less any transaction fee's. Cancellations less than 4 weeks prior to the course start date are not refunded, except if the course was noted a being FULL and the place was filled on short notice, then the deposit can be applied to a future PG2 License course booking within 12 months.

Most of our students arrive via referrals from former students and other pilots - contact us below and we will put you in touch with some for their personal opinion...or ask someone at flying site near you !

Contact : Godfrey Wenness

email : click here !

Phone : 02 67 85 65 45

Phone (from Overseas) : +61 2 67 85 65 45

Address : "The Mountain", Manilla, NSW, 2346, Australia

  Godfrey Wenness - CFI - Manilla Paragliding

Flying high on the Eiger North face (Switzerland) 

  • Commenced regular paragliding in Europe in 1988 (Austria Basic PG ‘A’ license).
  • Australian HGFA Paragliding “Restricted” license in 1992.
  • Completed Australian Sports Commission “Advanced Coaching” Study course 1995.
  • Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA) certified Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) 1995.
  • Owner, Operator and CFI of Manilla Paragliding School (Manilla, NSW) 1995 – (this includes airworthiness check, maintenance and repair of paragliders and equipment).
  • Australian Importer for multiple sports aviation equipment brands.
  • Total Logged solo flying hours as at 30/06/23 : 11,700hrs.
  • World Record – Paragliding Solo Open Distance 335kms : Nov 1998 – 2002. (in Guiness Book of World Records, also Aus Record 1998 - 2012)
  • Worlds Longest Tandem Flight Record – Paragliding Tandem Open Distance 223kms : Jan 2000 – 2003.
  • First Australian Pilot to fly over 100miles, 200kms, 200miles & 300kms (the last being the 335km World record flight)
  • First Pilot in the World to fly over 200miles and 300kms.
  • Australian Sports Medal (ASM) 2000.
  • Multiple National Records 1997- 2014
  • Australian National Cross Country League Champion 2001 (Inaugural) and 2002.
  • HGFA Safety and Operations Committee Member (Paragliding) : 1998 – 2020
  • HGFA Instructor Examiner 1999 – present
  • HGFA Disciplinary Tribunal Member 1998 – present
  • HGFA Accident Investigator  1997 – present
  • Author of Draft new HGFA pilot rating and training system and syllabus (Paragliding).
  • Competition Organiser & Director
    • Australian Paragliding Open (National C/ships) – bi-annual : 1997 – 2005
    • Manilla International Paragliding Open – bi-annual : 1995 –2004
    • 10th FAI Paragliding World Championships  – Manilla 2007
    • XC Open World Series - 2005 - 2009
    • Manilla XC Camp 2010 - present
  • Australian National Team Member : 1997 – 2005
  • Prototype Test Pilot for Advance Paragliders of Switzerland : 1995 –
  • Material tester for Porcher Marine (fabrics) 1995 - 
  • Discussion Group Member for Common European Norms (CEN) for Paraglider Certification 2000

Learning to fly at Manilla Paragliding School

Classic sunset at Mt Borah - student ridge soaring