Air Sports Equipment

Manilla Paragliding is the only school which imports and stocks ALL equipment and accessories that a pilot needs.

Unlike other schools we actually have most regular items shown in our price lists in stock in Manilla all the time (that's over $100,000.00 of stock in Manilla!). We offer a fast mail/phone/email order service and all credit cards are accepted as well as EFT.

ADVANCE beginner gliders are in stock in most colours of the main sizes and others are available in our monthly deliveries. Please note that prices for all items are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations - please contact Godfrey for updated prices.

Stocked equipment includes :
  • Paragliders - ADVANCE
  • Harness's - ADVANCE
  • Reserve parachutes - CHARLY
  • Carabiners - AUSTRALPIN
  • Instruments - FLYTEC, ASCENT, JDC
  • Radio's - ICOM
  • GPS Navigation and Tracking units - GARMIN, SPOT
  • Helmets - LAZER
  • Paragliding Boots - HANWAG
  • Clothing - ADVANCE
  • Sunglasses - ADIDAS
  • Books and DVD's
  • Windsocks - ADVANCE
  • Windmeters - JDC
  • and all accessories.

A good selection of used paragliders is also available and also occasionally harness's and instruments.

Please see the information pages and contact Godfrey for expert advice and sales.

Only the worlds best brands are considered and sold after many years of testing for suitability and longevity. Godfrey's Manilla Paragliding is one of the few schools in Australia that has represented the same brands over the long term, thus providing stability in service, spare parts, trade in's (used values) etc. Click on logo below to go direct to page.

Advance Paragliders Flytec Instruments for Paragliding and Hang Gliding - vario, altimeters etc Hanwag Paragliding and Airsports boots  Lazer paragliding helmets GARMIN GPS Paragliding and Hang Gliding Ascent Vario and Altimeter JDC Wind Speed Meters

Godfrey offers expert advice on all equipment and a money back satisfaction guarantee is always present.

Sales and Expert Advice contact Godfrey directly :
Email : click here
Phone : 02 67856545


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