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DISCOUNT PRICE $199 inc delivery!! 
The new SPOT 3 Satellite Messenger is a revolutionary device and service combination.  It has a built-in GPS reciever and uses satellite phone technology to send GPS position data to friends, family and/or emergency rescue personnel in the event of an emergency almost anywhere in the world !
They can send "OK" or "Help Needed" messages via e-mail or mobile phone text messages.  By clicking on the link in the e-mail message your friends and family can see exactly where you were when the message was sent on a Google map web page.
The unit can also automatically send position updates every 10 minutes that can be viewed on Google maps when logged into the SPOT user web site. This is great for XC pilots and in the event of an accident where the pilot can't activate the HELP button it clearly shows the current position. This is a superior level of safety to EPIRB's which require a manual switch on for rescue to be initiated - this can't happen if the pilot is injured and unable to perform the task, were as with SPOT tracking you are never alone even if unconscious !

SPOT 3 is available and in stock now for only AUD$199 inc GST and delivery !
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More Information ...
The new version of the SPOT is called SPOT 3 and is superior to the original SPOT1 &2 . It uses the same service as the existing SPOT units but offers some very nice new features. It is 30% smaller, 30% lighter, has a better GPS engine, and an improved user interface.
The new Track button and light addresses an issue with the first version which had no indication as to whether or not the unit was in track mode. The other major improvement is called "Tracking Message Queuing". SPOT 2 now sends the current tracking location and the previous two locations in every tracking data burst (three bursts every 10 minutes).
SPOT 3 Specs
Weight :  148grams
Size :  9.4 x 6.6 x 2.5 cms
Battery : 3x AAA Lithium
Operating time : Tracking Mode - 7 days, SOS Mode - 6 days, Message (OK/Custom) - 700 messages.
SPOT operates by a subscription service - details below.
SUBSCRIPTIONS (please check the SPOT web site for updated prices):

There are 2 levels of subscriptions available and payable by the end purchaser direct to SPOT® Inc on the website:

1. Standard – Access to these features – OK, HELP, CUSTOM MESSAGE, SOS (URGENT) Required by all units.– Unlimited messages via email and up to 200 free text messages (after 200 then 10 cents US per message):                                              

US$145.00 per year (approx AUD$200 at current rates).

2. Live Tracking Option – Ability to live track every 10 minutes.  

Additional US$49.99 per year (approx AUD$60 at current rates) this equates to only an additional 14 cents AUD a day running costs


SPOT® accounts are set up by the customer.  You log onto and follow the registration process.  This usually takes about 10 minutes to complete.  During this process the customer chooses the level of subscription required and pays online.


Any activation of the SPOT® SOS function in Australia will be immediately relayed back to AMSA in Canberra.  They are the government organisation responsible for all emergency beacon activations (EG EPIRB / PLB)

They will then co-ordinate the activation and you will get the same level of emergency response as if it was an EPIRB or Personal Locator Beacon.
More detailed product information can be found on the SPOT international web site ... click here !
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