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     OUDIE N                            HYPER                           BLADE    


OUDIE N  AUD$ 1950 - NEW Model ... in stock

OUDIE N F+  AUD$ 2350 - NEW Model with Flarm and Fanet ... available on order


OUDIE N with : OUDIE 3 Trade in $1750, OUDIE 4 Trade in $1500

OUDIE N+ with : OUDIE 3 Trade in $2250, OUDIE 4 Trade in $1900, OUDIE 5 Trade in $1700

OUDIE N > N+ trade-in upgrade $750

HYPER AUD$ 990 inc delivery - Back order only

BLADE AUD$ 1690 inc delivery - in stock



The all new OUDIE N is like the well known OUDIE 4 and 5 but with extra features and hardware like 4G/LTE connectivity, huge battery.

It comes in 2 versions: OUDIE N and OUDIE N F+ with FANET* and FLARM* (see below)

Oudie N is the game changer !!

Every pilot knows how important it is to have the right flight plan and up-to-date weather information. Oudie N brings live data and seamless integration with SeeYou to your cockpit, so you can focus on what’s important to keep you flying for longer and further.

Features and Benefits

  • Crystal clear, sunlight readable display.
  • Exceptional battery life even at full brightness.
  • Precise and instantly responsive vario.
  • Easy to use SeeYou Navigator software.
  • Wifi, Bluetooth and 4G/LTE connectivity.
  • Optimize cross-country and competition tasks to perfection.
  • Scan QR codes instead of entering data manually.
  • No internet connection? No problem with Offline maps.
  • Charge your phone after landing from Oudie N.
  • Free 1-year usage of SeeYou for seamless integration

For full OUDIE N info click here

OUDIE N+ Fanet    RRP $2350 inc delivery, on order only

Oudie N+ details as above for Oudie N but adds FLARM and FANET features !!

See below for the table of features:


For full OUDIE N and N+Fanet info click here


HYPER THE FULLY FEATURED MINI OUDIE ! RRP $890 inc delivery - Back order only!

Naviter Hyper 

Hyper's pocket size and advanced features make it ideal for your daily flying activities including hike-and-fly adventures. It will help you navigate simple routes and around complex airspace and also record all the details of your flight.

HYPER Features

  • Pocket size (107 x 70 x 18 mm)
  • Very Lightweight (135 g)
  • Sunlight-readable color touch display
  • Easy to use buttons (so you dont have to touch the display when wearing gloves)
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Airspace
  • Hike-and-fly mode
  • 21 NavBoxes (Info display outputs)
  • Perfect stand-alone or as a backup for your Oudie4

Accessories : PG silicone pouch with velcro back $45 in stock


BLADE THE OUDIE 5 PRO FOR HANG GLIDING RRP $1690 inc delivery. In stock.

Naviter Blade Naviter Blade


The BLADE was designed especially for Hang Gliding. All relevant information is presented on a color moving map. With airspeed and total energy compensation. For pilots who want all of the functionality to win competitions and enjoy safe cross-country flights.

BLADE Features

  • Total Energy Compensated vario
  • Airspeed sensor
  • FLARM and FANET modules in built
  • Worldwide maps and airspace loaded
  • Sunlight readable colour LCD
  • Gloves friendly touchscreen
  • Slim and Aerodynamic
  • Thermal assistant
  • Wind assistant
  • Ready to fly - no setup
  • 12-hour autonomy (battery life)
  • XC Tasks created on moving map terrain with touch
  • Internet connection through Oudie Live for flight uploading
  • XC and FAI Triangles
  • 3D Airspace assistant
  • Immediate flight uploads and goal declaration
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Easy and free software updates

Accessories : Speed bar mounfor Moyes, Icaro, Aeros and Wills Wing. RRP $110


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