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Advance has been creating the worlds best paragliders since 1988.

They are the industry leading reference standard in design, materials and quality of manufacture and are regarded as the Mercedes of paragliers. The Swiss company has over the years had many wins in the World Cup, World Championships, Red Bull X-Alps and also the World Open Distance Record (set by Godfrey Wenness in 1998). There have also been numerous Paramotoring World Championship wins and Paramotoring World Records set using Advance paragliders.

There are 8 models in the paraglider range to suit all pilot types and requirement : ALPHA (EN-A School & Novice), Pi (EN-A-C light weight Hike and Fly), EPSILON (EN-B Novice and Standard Intermediate), IOTA (new EN-B+ Intermediate), Xi (new EN-B+ light weight Hike and Fly), SIGMA (EN-C Sports Intermediate), OMEGA X-ALPS (EN-D High Performance light weight Hike and Fly), OMIKRON (EN-C Freestyle/Acro) and Bi-BETA (EN-Tandem).

All gliders are delivered with the best, most comfortable,durable and lightweight back pack on the market (as stated by XC Magazine !) - the ComfortPack2. They also are delivered with a carbon fiber speed bar, speed line and clips, repair tape, accessories bag and a MONEY BACK satisfaction guarantee !

Advance paragliders are built to the highest quality standard in the market and as such last many 100's of hours longer than other brands - this is directly reflected in re-sale and trade-in values.

Godfrey's Manilla Paragliding is the Australian importer for Advance paragliders since 1993. Dealer enquiries welcome.

Trade-ins with real valuations are always possible on Alpha, Epsilon, Iota and on selected EN-A/B models of other brands.

It is also possible to order ANY other glider/harness brand and model in at very competitive prices and get real impartial expert advice - just ask ! Generally models from Gin, Swing, and Ozone are worth considering if something in the Advance range doesn't suit the budget or personal preference. The rest are simply not up to our minimum design and quality standards to recommend or advise on.

Please contact Godfrey directly for information and sales : ph 0267856545 or email here.

For detailed product information and specifications see the ADVANCE web site : 

Please note all prices are indicative only and subject to change due to currency fluctuation - for an updated price please contact Godfrey

NOTE : Since Covid19 and the economic fall out with A$ fx rates dropping, prices are generally around 5% higher for any items not already in stock - please contact Godfrey to check what models are still available from pre-covid19 stock.

Advance Paragliders    ALPHA 7   AUD$???  NEW Model coming soon - Worlds #1 selling entry level glider 

Previous Model - Alpha 6 Information :

The best EN-A glider on the market. The Alpha 5 before it set sales records in europe - the most sold glider of any model and type in 2013/14 !!

Spread your wings like a bird, step lightly into the air and simply fly away: the ALPHA 6 is your perfect partner for making this a reality. Latest technology combined with the highest quality materials ensure your pleasure and safety while you learn, and for long afterwards. Maximum flying fun guaranteed.  

The ALPHA 6 benefits from a newly conceived lining design, with fewer support points and lines. This simple array is easy to see and quick to sort. The ALPHA 6 is straightforward to takeoff and fly. Weight is minimal, achieved by a sophisticated internal structure and state-of-the-art construction materials.  

Innovative design technology gives the ALPHA 6 plenty of safety reserves. High internal wing pressure is maintained by the combination of an “Air Scoop” leading edge and the traditional ADVANCE semi-circular air intakes. This feature ­gives the ALPHA 6 a very low stall point and unmistakably clear and progressive brake loading. The pilot gains a significant safety plus from these handling advances. The ALPHA 6 was not just designed for learning; it is especially suitable for what comes after. It’s intended for pilots who appreciate a lot of safety when combined with notable performance. Through its modern design technology – including “3D-Shaping” at the leading edge and an intricate diagonal rib concept - it demonstrates a very respectable performance level among A-Class wings.

The ALPHA 6 is also DULV certified for PARAMOTOR use with optional paramotor risers which provide reflex profile characteristics for very efficient high speed cruising. It offers in this category un-equalled ease of launch, cruise performance and flight for PPG use.

Optional fully certified Paramotor Hybrid Risers are available on request : $295

Previous model ALPHA 6 technical information click here !

Preview pic of the new Alpha 7 below :-)

Advance Alpha 7

Advance Paragliders   EPSILON 9   AUD$4350  New Model, latest design technology easy Standard EN-B with 11:1 glide ! Demo in Manilla

The EPSILON 9 is a totally new "compact" design with more performance and better handling - all with more safety ! 

Perfectly balanced with unmistakable looks. The new EPSILON 9 conveys a distinctive feel-good factor and glows with an ideal mix of precision, performance and safety. Unique quality and an innovative inner life transform this ADVANCE classic into a robust lightweight.

The EPSILON 9 demonstrates a very successful combination of pitch and turn behaviour. Steering demands are answered directly and precisely. The EPSILON 9’s compact and stable canopy invites plenty of confidence from the beginning. Even in challenging conditions pilots feel calm and content, able to enjoy the thermals in a relaxed frame of mind.

Not just very light, but downright robust as well: the EPSILON 9 gets attention with its unique choice of materials. Upper and lower surfaces are made of the normal strong European Porcher cloth. Inside the wing the latest technology from the OMEGA XALPS and Iota2 comes into play. Thus the EPSILON 9 weighs almost as little as a light wing, and even so has a long lifespan. 

Many performance-enhancing new technologies are featured in the EPSILON 9. It was designed as a three-liner but has only one gallery level. This skimps on line metres and reduces drag. Precisely computed double-3D-shaping provides a super-smooth surface in the critical nose area, and supports the correct shape of the real-life profile. It also uses mini-ribs and a hybrid line array to further enhance performance.

The EPSILON 9 is also DULV certified for PARAMOTOR use with optional paramotor risers which provide reflex profile characteristics for very efficient high speed cruising. It offers in this category un-equalled ease of launch, cruise performance and flight for PPG use.

Optional fully certified Paramotor Hybrid Risers are available on request : $295

Advance Epsilon 9

EPSILON 9 video and technical information : Click here !

Advance Paragliders   IOTA 2   IOTA 3 AUD$4???  NEW Model coming soon - high end EN-B Intermediate with 11.5+ glide ! 

Info on the previous model Iota 2 :

The IOTA2 is an all new design to carry on from the worlds #1 selling B+ the IOTA 1. The new model takes Sigma 10 build technology and a new profile designed for the B+ category to produce a state of the art glider at the top of the B+ category in performance, handling and safety. The polar curve is incredibly flat for the class and offers outstanding high speed glide with great stability. 

The ease of handling and reassuring feeling of passive and active safety allows the pilot to enjoy the IOTA2's efficient performance for hours even under demanding conditions.

Test fly and see why the IOTA2 has had excellent reviews from magazine test pilots and regular pilots alike.

Advance Iota 3

IOTA 2 technical information and video here : Click here !

Advance Paragliders   Xi   RRP AUD$4750  New generation, class leading high end EN-B light weight hike and fly, XC etc with a glide over 11:1 !!!

As a light and compact Performance-Intermediate the Xi satisfies the most diverse pilots’ needs. Whether near or far, difficult flying or exciting adventure. The new light high-end B goes with you for bivouac flying, Hike & XC-fly tours, traveling or discovering new routes in remote regions.

The Xi is a fully lightweight design starting at 3.4kgs and uses a mix of 27 and 32 gm Porcher Skytex cloth. To save more weight the number of cells and sliced diagonals has been reduced. The stress distribution system has been reworked to co-ordinate these requirements. The result is a perfectly balanced and homogenous glider.

The Xi combines light weight with the outstanding performance of the Performance-Intermediate IOTA 2. It features high pitch and directional stability in rough air. This and its significant stability at speed encourage relaxed, hours-long flying – with performance you can call upon at any time.

The latest technology from the Sigma 10 and Iota2 is incorporated in the Xi. The Advanced Air Scoop for friendly stall behaviour, short C-Wires for maximum profile retention and Mini-ribs for a smooth, efficient trailing edge.

The Xi also has a modern pitch control system for its trailing edge, which interconnects with the B-level. It can be flown actively and steered by the C/B-levels when accelerated.

Advance Xi

Xi technical information Click here!

Advance Paragliders   SIGMA 11   RRP AUD$ not available  New Class Leading Model coming soon !!

Sigma 10 previous model info below :

Precise, stable, good performance: The all new SIGMA 10 - now in five sizes! Even smoother wing surfaces distinguish this ADVANCE High End cross country wing – the result of another first time use of 3-way 3D Diamond panel-shaping on the upper and lower surfaces. This makes the EN/LTF C Sportster enjoyable to fly for many hours, the best condition for epic cross country flights.

After just a few months on the market it is already the worlds #1 selling new EN-C !

Test fly and see why

Preview pic of the new Sigma 11 below :-)

Advance Sigma 11

SIGMA 10 technical information click here

Advance Paragliders OMEGA X-ALPS 3 estimated RRP AUD$5950 Classic light weight and easy to fly EN-D 2 liner 

The OMEGA X-ALPS 1 was the winning glider with a 1-2 finish at the Red Bull X-Alps competition in 2015.

The all new 3rd version of the Light-Racer is a latest generation 2 liner made for the greatest demands under extreme conditions. 

The OMEGA X-ALPS 3 was flown by  Chrigel Maurer to clearly win the Red Bull X-Alps 2019. It was designed after over 30 prototypes as Advances first serial production 2 liner and proved its performance, handling and safety attributes in the gruelling event. 

It builds on the excellent qualities of the OXA2 with even more exceptional performance, better handling while actually increasing mid EN-D passive and active safety. The design and test team managed to sweep away almost insurmountable technological boundaries to produce one of the safest and easiest 2 liners on the market.

Demo in size 24 is now available in Manilla.

The EN/LTF D certified OMEGA X-ALPS 3 is the perfect wing for cross country pilots with ambitions. Naturally it also optimally serves the Hike&Fly task for suitably skilled pilots.

Computer-analysed structural weight-optimisation is an ADVANCE State-of-the-Art method used in all the serial wings. This technology was further refined in the Sigma 10 and OMEGA X-ALPS 2 – it was specifically directed at achieving minimum weight, in some detail. The use of fabric inside the wing has been considerably pared down. New, multiple slash diagonals are narrower than ever, and the Ripstop weave of every strip exactly aligned with the computed tension vector. New Nitinol wires are state-of-the-art and ensure easy fast packing. All this results in maximum robustness, shape stability and lifespan. The OMEGA X-ALPS 3 has achieved the previously unattainable combination of performance, simplicity and minimal weight.

With an Aspect Ratio of 6.95 and 63 cells the new OMEGA X-Alps 3 is available in 3 sizes from 75-110kgs weighing just 3.5-3.7kgs

Advance Omega XAlps3

OMEGA X-ALPS 3 More information : click here !

Advance Paragliders   Bi-BETA 6   RRP AUD$4950 New Generation Tandem - light weight and full performance with 11:1 glide 

A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. The all new BI-BETA 6 tandem paraglider is the perfect choice when great moments are to be experienced together. For leisure pilots it delivers a lot of fun – with safety; for the professional it makes an effective and trusty workhorse for everyday use.

Advance BiBeta6 tandem paraglider

Bi-BETA 6 technical information click here

Advance Paragliders   OMIKRON   RRP AUD$3950  Acro Glider for competition flying and just fun - Dynamic, Precise, Long Life

The OMIKRON combines high level, balanced dynamics with uncomplicated handling, and was developed by accomplished acro pilots (e.g. Christian Proschek and Michael Maurer) for acrobats and professionals. The OMIKRON has plenty of steam if you ask for it, but excess energy can always be effectively reined in with the brakes.

Infinity and Helicopter: The wing motion is very harmonic and pliable in the Infinity, and the g-load spikes surprisingly low. The wing does not flap a lot, and the OMIKRON keeps itself in the vertical plane for longer – the pilot has less correcting to do. In the Helicopter the rotation speed can be very efficiently adjusted by  inside brake. The canopy helps to damp out oscillation by itself. In terms of design and materials the OMIKRON is exceptionally robust and long-lived. This  Infinity Machine has only three cross ports per rib. Besides that the diagonals are not split in this wing. Outer surfaces use 38 Skytex cloth, inside there’s 40 Hardfinish. Base lines withstand 24 g; the top level lines are good for all of 52 g

Advance Omikron |

OMIKRON technical information click here

Advance Paragliders  Pi3 RRP AUD$4150 NEW MODEL - Demo in Manilla now, pls contact for availability.

Info about the previous model : Pi2 is below :

Enjoy the freedom and versatility – in the air and on the ground. The new PI 2 is one of the lightest small-packed-volume serial wings on the market and, with the choice of four sizes - each with three weight ranges – is also one of the most versatile paragliders available today. Equally at home in thermals, for Hike & Fly or as a miniwing: with the new PI 2 it’s you who decides.

The PI 2 comes in four sizes - 16, 19, 23 and 27. Each size features three different takeoff weight (weight range) subdivisions, and the resulting variety of wing loadings call for different piloting styles and levels.

Unlike many other mini-wings the Pi2 is fully EN certified in all sizes. The rating depends on the wing loading and ranges from ENA-B-C. The 23 and 27 can be used as a regular EN-A for novice pilots and be loaded into more dynamic zone to become a easy EN-B with extra speed for strong wind soaring. The 16 and 19 being smallest size's are a dynamic mini wing when loaded for high speed flying and fast terrain following descents. The 19 is especially suitable for strong wind coastal soaring for PG4 and above rated pilots when loaded up to its max of 95kgs as a EN-C. The 23 does the same but still retains its EN-B rating right up to its certified dynamic weight range max of 110kgs - it is suitable for PG3 and higher rated pilots.

Compact, light, excellent climbing characteristics with maximum safety: In its Thermal Range the PI 2’s quiet and pitch-stable canopy is very comfortable to fly, and its small packed dimensions make it suitable for travel. The 23 and 27 version is also recommended as a first light glider. The reduced line set up gives the PI 2 impressive performance.

Easy to carry, easy to prepare, easy to handle: The Hike & Fly Range is directed at the pleasure-seeking pilot and hiker who wants to concentrate on what’s important in life - enjoying time spent in the mountains. “Air Scoop Technology” and semicircular intakes work together in this weight range to give the PI 2 a high degree of passive safety with agreeable flight characteristics.

Minimum weight and maximum wing loading: In its Miniwing Range the PI 2 conveys the Actionwing’s sense of speed. Pure dynamics alone can provide maximum flying fun; then we can add high speed contour chasing, strong wind soaring or an ultralight descent device for the alpinist: the miniwing’s very precise and concise handling needs a careful expert who is also an experienced pilot, naturally.

Preview pic of the new Pi3 below :-)

Advance Pi3 hike and fly paraglider

Previous model Pi-2 technical information  click here!

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