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FLYTEC and ASCENT VARIO Flight Instruments 

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Flytec of Switzerland is by far the worldwide #1 manufacturer of airsports flight instruments and accessories.

Over many years they have R&D'd and patented all of the technology used in light weight flight instruments. Flytec offers a complete range of instruments and accessories for Paragliding and Hang Gliding as well as Ballooning, Ultralights, and Powered PG/HG. The GPS integrated units also include fully FAI approved flight recorders for record and competition verification via secure IGC files.

JDC of Switzerland patented the contactless turbine wind speed measurement technology in the late 1980's and manufactures a large range of instruments for many applications.

If you are seeking a light weight instrument then look no further than the excellent new ASCENT VARIO/GPS from the USA. Its fully featured and weighs only 93 grams !!!

Please go the ASCENT VARIO page directly : Click here !

Godfrey's Manilla Paragliding is the Australian importer for FLYTEC and ASCENT VARIO. Dealer enquiries are welcome.

Please contact Godfrey directly for sales : ph 02 67 85 65 45 or email click here.

   6000 RRP AUD$379 Lowest Price EVER !!!

The 6000 is the worldwide #1 selling vario. 3 altimeters, digital and analog variometer, user customizable audio with Smart-filter technology, 5 full-time data fields, always-on realtime clock, louder audio with 6 setting, (6005HG is airspeed sensor ready $399), battery life over 250 hours (2xAA), superb ergonomics and styling; very compact and light. For full product information click here.

   6015 RRP AUD$579 Lowest Price EVER !!!

The new 6015 combines a integrated super sensitive 20 channel GPS into a entry level instrument but wit high end features. Automatic tracklog recording up to 50 flights and 291 hrs, user customizable audio and flight function, track compass with wind speed and direction, USB interface, FlyChart compatible, and user upgradeable, 40 hour battery life on just 2 AA, and all in the same case size as the 6005 !  For full product information click here.

   6020 RRP AUD$1099 New Lower Price !!

The 6020 is a fully featured GPS integrated instrument using state-of the-art technology. Features a large easy to read display, unsurpassed competition route function, data logger with up to 290 hrs. record time, USB interface and FlyChart compatible, 40 hours on 2 banks of 2 AA batteries, SD memory card slot for future implementation, Optional external airspeed  sensors available. NEW - optional FLARM module for collision avoidance. For full product information click here.

   6030 RRP AUD$1399 Lowest Price EVER !!!

The 6030 is the flagship GPS integrated instrument which does the lot using state-of the-art technology. It features a integrated 16 channel GPS, audio and graphic McCready speed-to-fly, advanced final glide functions, unsurpassed competition route function, data logger with up to 290 hrs. record time, extended pitot speed range (12-180 mph), USB interface and FlyChart compatible, user replaceable batteries NiMH on alkaline (2 banks of 2 AA), dual internal chargers, SD memory card slot for future implementation. NEW - optional FLARM module for collision avoidance. For full product information click here.

   MINI SONIC RRP AUD$195 New Lower Price !!

Small light weight audio only back up vario. Great also for hiking and tandem operations. Adjustable sink and rise time acoustics. For full product information click here.

JDC Wind Speed Meters   SKYWATCH Xplorer1 RRP AUD$99 New Lower Price !!

Flytec no longer makes the WINDWATCH series. We now stock the JDC SKYWATCH. The Xplorer1model is very similar to the basic WINDWATCH - a small pocket size instrument to precisely measure wind speed (multiple scales). Waterproof. For full product information click here.


Vane type Airspeed sensor for Hang Gliders. Mounts on base bar or down tube. Suits all FLYTEC vario's.


Vane type airspeed sensor for Paragliders. Mounted in an aerodynamic housing to dangle below pilot in clear airflow. Suits all FLYTEC vario's. 


Hang Gliding instrument mount for all FLYTEC varios. Full swivel with velcro attached rubberised base for down tube ot base bar mounting.


Paragliding instrument mount for 6005 and 6015 model FLYTEC varios. Mounts on harness straps and has tilt/angle adjustment. Also suits Garmin 72 and 76 series GPS instruments !!!

Sales and Expert Advice contact Godfrey directly :
Email : click here
Phone : 02 67856545


Flytec Airsports Instruments Altimters Variometer


Flytec 6005 variometer altimeter

Flytec 6015 GPS variometer altimeter

Flytec 6020 GPS variometer altimeter for Paragliding

Flytec 6030 GPS variometer altimeter

Flytec Sonic Mini variometer

JDC Skywatch wind speed meter

Flytec Airspeed sensor for Hang Glider

Flytec Airspeed sensor for Paraglider

Flytec vario mount for Hang Gliders

Paragliding Flytec Vario and Garmin GPS  harness mount

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